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Welcome to Flowerpack

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Florist and Gift Packing Products in Perth

They say you should, as a professional florist, know that your business thrives on presentation. And for presentation, today's florist relies on having at their fingertips the right equipment, decorations, packaging and sundry supplies.

Perth-based Flowerpack is the leading importer and wholesaler of equipment and professional packaging supplies for Australia's Floristry trade.

With fashions changing from month to month and season to season, it can be hard to keep abreast of the latest trends. At Flowerpack, we're always on the lookout for new products that will keep your presentation looking as fresh as your flowers. So you can concentrate on what you do best stocking and selling beautiful blooms!

As a wholesaler of florist supplies, we offer you the choice of purchasing online, coming to our East Perth warehouse, or discussing your needs with our roving sales representatives.

Our Products

From secateurs to simple cellophane, we supply everything but the flowers!

The modern florist has to be able to cater for every occasion. Whether it's a saucy Valentine's Day bouquet and card, or a funeral wreath, Flowerpack is your one-stop shop for all your floristry needs.

Oasis Products

We're direct importers of Oasis florist's supplies, the leading range of foam floristry products.

Florist Sundries

Keeping track of all the little things you need to provide a superlative floristry service can be difficult. Take a look at our Sundries page to see our unrivalled range stands, bowls, gift cards and envelopes whatever you've forgotten to order, we have it.


Today there is a bewildering variety of materials for creating that special-looking floral gift. From plain cellophane to coloured wrap, and ribbons of all kinds and colours, Flowerpack has you covered.


Flowerpack has all the containers you will need, whether for gift purposes or permanent floral display. Glass, ceramic, wickerwork - give free rein to your imagination with our range of wrapping materials.

Grower Products

For florists who sell potted plants, grower products are a profitable ancillary product line. Flowerpack provide a full range of flower treatments and nursery sundries.

Designer Products

Flowerpack carries a fine range of decorative and novelty products guaranteed to delight and impress your customers.

Industry Collaboration the WF&FSA

Since Flowerpack was founded, we have seen the floristry supplies industry mature to the point where a governing body was necessary to assure determine and enforce quality and service standards, and facilitate improvements in logistics. The Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association (WF&FSA) was the result.

Devices and Equipment

Keeping your flowers fresh, and delivering them to your customers looking and smelling great, demands that you use the best quality tools and equipment. And that's what you'll find at Flowerpack. Secateurs, floral scissors, and watering systems we stock only the best brands.

Perth and beyond

We have been proudly serving florists in Perth for 25 years, and we are happy to ship Australia-wide. We use Australia Post for Interstate and local delivery.


Flowerpack are the only distributor of Oasis floristry products in Western Australia.
23 Kensington Street
East Perth,Western Australia
+61 (08) 9325 3955
+61 (08) 9325 2847