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Whether it's for a bouquet, a floral decoration, or something as simple as an additional decoration to your home, Flowerpack’s container range will have the style, material, colour, and size you’re looking for. At our East Perth warehouse you’ll find wicker baskets, ceramic pots, urns, glass vases, and much more! Take a look in the sections below:

Glass Vases

Vases - classic vessels for setting off a beautiful, scented bouquet of flowers. Our selection of glass vases matches high quality with an affordable price. Try a glass cube for shorter arrangements, or go for a Flowerpack glass cylinder for those longer stems. The transparency of glass makes for a lightness of aesthetic touch, blending right into the room and lending flair to your floral arrangement.

Our glass vases include every variety of style, colour, and height. Take a moment to browse our catalogue – you’re sure to find the vase perfectly suited to your display. Long-stemmed roses require a longer vase for support, while the shorter stems of flowers need to be matched by a container such as one of our glass cube vases. Also keep in mind how wide the top of your bouquet will be. A flared vase top, as opposed to a cylindrical style, will allow the larger bouquet to spread, enhancing the sense of verdant abundance you want it to convey.

A glass fishbowl is always an interesting addition to any room in the house, as it can be used to create a simple, miniature terrarium. They can be used to hold miniature plants with small, smooth pebbles, or to contain sand and seashells collected from a trip to the sea shore. The fishbowl offers endless possibilities, and we have a huge range of sizes.


Our ceramics range includes vases, rectangles, pots, and squares. Available in a variety of earthen colours, our ceramic pots serve as neutral additions to a room or to accent designs where you are striving for the natural look so many Perth home-makers hanker for. And with prices starting at $2.70, our ceramic pots are a great way to decorate your home on a budget, without sacrificing quality.

Our ceramic squares come mostly in white and colours – again a simple flower vase or container will nicely set off a pretty bouquet! Ceramic rectangles: similar to the squares, but a longer design, suitable for an array of variegated flowers and plants - these work beautifully as an adornment to a kitchen table or coffee table.


Wicker baskets are much in favour with Perth home-makers wanting a rustic look for their floral displays. Cane weaving is one of the oldest crafts known to man, but in addition to traditional simplicity, wickerwork can be ornate, adding an intricate, beautiful design to an already eye-catching bouquet. Flowerpack also carries a large range of baskets in other styles and materials – examples from our catalogue include our willow tray basket with rope, our seagrass tray, and our natural willow basket.

Buckets, Boxes, and Urns

Buckets offer a quirky home for decorations and flowers. They’re great for outside or indoor storage, making them extremely versatile as gifts!

For a simple, easy, inexpensive display, we also offer a variety of cardboard boxes. Plain or coloured, these are often the most straightforward way to complement a floral display.

Urns - If the classical look is what you are after, one of our urns may be the answer. Made from durable fibre-glass, our urns offer you the choice of natural stone look, or a coloured finish to lend a look of sophistication to your display.