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Flowerpack, a Perth-based floristry wholesaler, is proud to offer guidance, and an unrivalled product range, to anyone in search of florist supplies. We are committed to providing great quality, at affordable prices, throughout our range.

Flowerpack offers its customers the choice of visiting our East Perth wholesale warehouse, buying online, or discussing their needs with one of the roving Flowerpack sales representatives. Our range covers the gamut of floristry supplies, including, wrapping paper, gift boxes, cards, vases, secateurs, etc. And while we have been proudly serving the floristry trade in Perth and WA for 25 years, Flowerpack also offers delivery services Australia-wide!

To keep our range of wholesale florist supplies fresh and contemporary, we continually upgrade and update our stock with novel and exciting products that will enhance your appeal as a florist.

With Flowerpack, you're covered for all the supplies the modern florist might need. Our website has a comprehensive product catalogue, making shopping online a breeze. Products range from terrariums to wrapping paper, wrapping mesh to floral foams, and fertilizers and flower treatments to ribbons and gift cards! The catalogue is categorised, with thumbnail images, for easy selection.

Homeowners: Looking for a new vase for the home? Need a pot for your garden to replace the one that got broken in the kids' footy game? Or perhaps you've cut some flowers as a gift, and need a decorative container to give them an extra special look? You'll find them all at Flowerpack!

As an established name in wholesale floristry supplies, Flowerpack enjoys an enviable reputation in Perth and WA. With sound advice and an unmatched product range, we have been helping Perth florists thrive for many years, but we also ship Australia-wide!

Take a moment to browse our guidance, or click here to send us a specific question.