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Looking for a perfectly wrapped item to present to a friend or relative, or just the right products to complete the task yourself? Look no further - Flowerpack has a wide range of ribbons, cellophane-wrapping options, and shredded filler material to give a traditional look to baskets and gift boxes. Take a moment to browse our collection of coloured wrapping and floral ribbons, which enable you to personalise your gift in in a nearly infinite number of combinations. Our catalogue contains all the florist wrapping or personal-use products you could need.

Florist Wrapping Paper

Flowerpack is proud to offer a wide range of wrapping paper suitable for all kinds of floral presentation. Whatever style or look you want for your decorative project, we offer the materials to help you create it. First, take a tour through our range of wrapping and tissue papers to choose a wrapping paper colour that matches the colours in your flowers. Once you have chosen a hue, you can choose from our selection of floristry wrapping paper, which includes fabric wraps and mesh wraps, each offering a different feel and texture. Keep in mind that fabric wraps usually have a little more weight and will tend to drape around your decoration, rather than standing erect like tissue and traditional wrapping.


Traditional wrapping paper tends to be a little thick, which can sometimes make it less than ideal for the florist who wants to create smaller floral arrangements and decorations. A clear, sheer sheet wrap for your arrangement has a timeless appeal. If you're worried about bunching, or creating smooth edges for a sharp, crisp presentation, try out our cellophane wrapping products, or check out the brands we have available from our wholesale cellophane selection. Cellophane wrapping comes in rolls or sheets, according to your needs for size and quantity.


Once you've picked out your wrapping, itís time to think about tying the bow. Check out the floral ribbons section of our product catalogue. There you'll find the latest, trendiest designs for your basket or decoration. Flowerpack is committed to selling the best wholesale brands and offering high-quality product at an affordable price. Ours start as low as $4.75!

Our ribbon selection ranges from stripes to metallic colours to unique designs like the Natural Raffia and Raffia Roll. We stock all the traditional styles of ribbon, for the classic look, but if you want a bit of bling, we even offer a selection of ribbons finished in glitter! Our range of colours covers the rainbow, so you're sure to find the right style and colour to compliment the theme of your floral arrangement!

Here are some ideas. Try the Woven Edge Organza for solid, bold colours to add to a lightly coloured arrangement. For a different size or shade for solid colours, why not choose one of our Satin Water Resistant styles? They come in a all sizes. Whether your decoration requires a thick band of ribbon or one with a light accent, you're sure to find the perfect solution from our range of styles, colours and sizes. For the fun, flashier package, take a look at our Glitter Party floral ribbons, or the Met Curling Ribbon, which easily transforms from flat to tightly curled, when you run a scissor blade over it.

Then again, we can offer woodwool shred and shredded polypropylene for decorations that need a little bit of extra filler for the bottom or sides of otherwise empty corners. Go to the bottom of the page to browse this selection!